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Important: any form that is not fill out in full, will not be considered.

1. Personal Information
* First Name:
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* Last Name:
* E-Mail Address:
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2. Job information
1. What Category BEST describes the area in which you would like a job?      

2. Full time or part time?  

2. Salary Level desired    

3. Highest level of school completed:   
   - In what Specialty?
    -In what School, University or College  

4. Do you know more than one language. ( please mark only the one you fully understand, write, and speak)
   English   Spanish   French   Russian   Italian    Other:

5. Employers that you worked with:       
      (fill from last to first)

a.    years worked : - salary reason for leaving  
years worked : - salaryreason for leaving
c.  years worked : - salaryreason for leaving
d.  years worked : - salaryreason for leaving

6. Availability to work:
Sundays        -   (and)  -  
    Mondays       -   (and)  -  
    Tuesdays       -   (and)  -
    Wednesdays  -   (and)  -  
    Thursdays     -   (and)  -
    Fridays          -   (and)  -
    Saturdays      -   (and)  -
7. Are you willing to work on holidays?        Yes         No

8. Which of the following computer programs do you dominate.

MS Excel MS Outlook
MS PowerPoint MS Publisher
MS Messenger MS Word
Flash Dreamweaver
MS FrontPage QuickBooks
Kronos Others

6.  Do you wish to work from home?  
      (If yes please mark only the ones that apply to you)
my internet connection is 124kb or higher.
I have an available telephone land line ( not cell phone)
  I have personal transportation.
 I have XP Pro operating system at home.
I have 256 mb or more on my pc.
I have 20 gig hard drive or more on my pc.
I have 990 MHz processor or more on my pc.
I have
a silent home office.

3. Resume
* Title:

. Add text by using CUT and PASTE from a word processing document


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